the dialogue about abortion

Over at Via Media, Amy’s started a discussion about dialogue. 1) Who are the parties in the dialogue? 2) Where is this dialogue situated? Should be an interesting conversation. To take things a step further, what are the necessary ingredients/principles in dialogue? What does dialogue look like in practice? I’ve made some efforts in the […]

the Catholic Church, politicians and abortion

From an Associated Press story yesterday: [Archbishop] Chaput, one of the nation’s most outspoken bishops on Catholic political responsibility, said Catholics who disagree with the church on “serious, sanctity of life issues” separate themselves from communion with the church and should not present themselves for the Eucharist. Biden “has admirable qualities to his public service,” […]

something Unplanned

On Friday, I saw Unplanned in Burbank. Abby Johnson’s story is unique in that it gives insight into the thinking behind both sides of a supremely important debate over a uniquely crucial issue. It makes an appeal to the conscience of every human being about the value of life itself. Forming conscience correctly is essential: […]