The toasted sand between my toes
the tepid tide that ebbs and flows
and lukewarm wind that gently blows
induce a peaceful slumber.

It doesn’t last and in a wink
a crisper breeze makes my heart sink
as I awake and sadly think:
tomorrow is September.

music by Ludovico Einaudi (Seven Days Walking: Day 1, “Golden Butterflies Var. 1”)

3 thoughts on “September

  1. I’ve reserved Chernobyl from our library and look forward to watching it! However I came across it in your comments on the first casualty of war being truth. Then I read a NYT critique of Chernobyl and it criticizes it for factual inaccuracies and character distortions. Hopefully I’ll get back to you on this.
    I’ve just come across your blog, Clayton, and it is very promising! .

    • Hi Rhett, I’d be interested in your impressions of Chernobyl after watching it. Also, for every hour of the miniseries, there is a parallel hour of audio podcast with the writer, in which he discusses the years of research that went into his writing, and also exactly the scenes in which he made creative choices that diverge from the history, and why. It’s as fascinating as the show itself. I recommend watching the TV episode first, and then following up with the audio podcast.

      • It will be a couple of weeks before my wife and I get to “Chernobyl” and I will get back to you. Soon we’re going to watch QBvii which in a significant way is also about facing the truth.

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