Saint Judas

After seeing this story out of Buffalo, New York in yesterday’s news, it seems to me that I need to get my novel and screenplay about seminary life (Saint Judas) written at the first opportunity. As it turns out, life is sometimes more outlandish than fiction.

What I learned from my seminary experience was basically this:

1) it was an institution riddled with people who didn’t know who they were

2) since they didn’t know who they were, they were insecure and shifty; in a word: they lacked integrity

3) these people would say one thing and do another, thus fostering a climate of distrust

4) at that point, Satan could schedule a long vacation… he had other people to carry out his charism of sowing division

In shorthand: identity issues led to integrity issues, and integrity issues led to trust issues. It’s as old as Genesis 3.

Below is a playlist of songs that represent different moments in the screenplay I’m assembling.


2 thoughts on “Saint Judas

  1. An update on the seminary in Buffalo, New York: In late 2019, Bishop Malone resigned as bishop of Buffalo. The news was presented as a voluntary early retirement. Then, on February 4, 2020, the diocese announced that the seminary would be closing, after months of intense scrutiny by a local investigative reporter, Charlie Specht, whose brother had attended that seminary.

    Here is the news release from the diocese about the closure:

    On the same day, Charlie Specht received a death threat in his voicemail from an anonymous caller. The FBI investigated and identified the caller as an adjunct faculty member at the seminary:

    So apparently telling the truth about what happens inside a seminary can stir up more than a little hostility.

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