the big idea in cinema storytelling

In October of 2008, Act One: Training for Hollywood held a two-day symposium on storytelling.

The format — a presentation followed by a roundtable discussion with a group of panelists — was a great way to percolate and explore ideas. The panelists and presenters included:

  • Dean Batali, Executive Producer, That 70’s Show, writer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Bobette Buster, Creative Executive and International Story Consultant
  • Karen Hall, writer on several shows, including M*A*S*H, Judging Amy, Hill Street Blues, and Moonlighting
  • Dr. Peter Kreeft, renowned philosopher and author of over 50 titles, including Socrates Meets Jesus
  • Bill Marsilii, Screenwriter, Deja Vu
  • David Mc Fadezean, Executive Producer, Home Improvement, What Women Want
  • Barbara Nicolosi, Act One Founder, Screenwriter, VP Development, Origin Entertainment
  • Chris Riley, Screenwriter and Author, The Hollywood Standard
  • Chuck Slocum, Assistant Executive Director, Writer’s Guild of America

I helped to audio record the entire event. The first podcast is now available; it’s a presentation by Bobette Buster on “The Big Idea.” (Note: The slides that accompanied the presentation may be viewed here).

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