what in Catholic media had the most impact on me in the past year?

This was the question asked of those participating in this year’s Catholic Media Promotion Day (#silenceandword).

Silence and Word: Path of EvangelizationIf an event can be considered a means of communication — and thus media — I would say that the Catholic New Media conference in Kansas City last October was probably the thing that had the greatest impact on me over the past year. In my experience, events like this truly build up communion in the new media community, and give the greatest sense of purpose and authenticity in the shared gift and task of evangelization, which is marked by a deepening sense of being entrusted to God and to one another.

In the more traditional sense of media, a piece of music I have listened to each day of this year has become a deeper part of my life. While at a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve, the host couple stopped everything at midnight for their annual tradition of listening to Biebl’s Ave Maria, as performed by Chanticleer. I decided that this song, which uses the prayers of the Angelus, would make a fitting theme for the coming year. And so I’ve played it every day since.

2 thoughts on “what in Catholic media had the most impact on me in the past year?

  1. What exactly is Catholic media? Does it have to be unfathomable to non-Catholics to fit the bill? Does it have to be done on a shoestring?

    • That depends on who is making it and why. 🙂

      I think, in the case of this initiative, we are talking about media made by Catholics. Some will be for other Catholics, while the rest is directed to the people of our time who are men and women of good will, fellow pilgrims on the sojourn toward the ultimate.

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