airing Catholicism series on Twin Cities Public Television

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, please contact Twin Cities Public Television to ask them to consider airing Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism. The email to use is:

Here is the trailer:

I wrote TPT this morning:

Any plans to broadcast this series on Twin Cities Public Television? I see it scheduled on public television stations nationwide, but not in this market.

Please advise.

I received this reply:

Dear Clayton,

Thanks for contacting member supported tpt. We appreciate hearing from you regarding the program Catholicism.

This program is not currently in our broadcast schedule, however we will let our Programming Department know of your interest in seeing it on tpt and let you know if it is scheduled in the future.


Member Services

UPDATE (10/28/2011): I have just learned that TPT has decided against airing the series. Here’s the text of the letter they sent to someone inquiring about the possibility.

I’ll write more about the reasons given later, but I find it interesting that TPT seems to have an editorial policy about its programming that is at variance of that of many other public television stations… at last count, 80 stations have plans to air four 60-minute episodes of this 10-part series.

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