judd and maggie

Website: Choose Judd & Maggie

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Judd and Maggie have been writing and recording together since 2003 when they released their 1st record, Concentrate. In 2005 they were signed with RCA/Victor Records and Chrysalis Publishing and spent the next two years touring the country and promoting their record Subjects, recorded in Cello Studios (Hollywood, CA) with Lenny and Joey Waronker producing. Lenny has produced greats such as Randy Newman, Rickie Lee Jones, and Rufus Wainwright. His son Joey has drummed for hundreds of artists, notably Paul McCartney, REM, and Beck….

In 2007 they moved to Nashville and recorded Kingdom of Noise with producer Neilson Hubbard. Since releasing that record independently and touring, they have also signed with Media Creature Publishing.

OK, I lifted that from their Facebook page. But they are ridiculously talented. And they performed a house concert at my apartment in Los Angeles back in 2005. Much love for the Bolgers here. I recommend starting with their album Subjects and working your way forward. Discerning ears will sense the influence of JPII’s Theology of the Body in the lyrics of tracks like “A Subject I Am”.

UPDATE (3/30/2011): For a limited time, Judd and Maggie’s latest album is available for free download on NoiseTrade. Don’t miss out!

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