my picks in Catholic Media

Here are my selections for the Catholic Media Promotion Day (CMPD).

I noticed that many of the participants in CMPD simply chose their favorite blogs, musicians, etc., and that, as a result, the selections many times overlapped with the most popular / well-known offerings in each category, as one might expect from a contest.

I chose a different approach. Wherever possible, I chose to surface artists/media that I considered not only the most deserving, but also the least known… the hidden gems, so to speak. After five years of living in Hollywood and rubbing shoulders with artists, I realized that being talented often does not translate into being well-known. I realized how much beauty was being fashioned that never made it to the big screen or to the airwaves. So this is my attempt to give a bit of attention where attention is due. Just to be clear, though: this is not an effort to be egalitarian, but to applaud the finest in craft.

In the movie Chariots of Fire, one of the athletes comments that “when I run, I feel God’s pleasure.” That, to me, is a fine description of what it means to truly discover one’s vocation. I imagine that each person / group that I have chosen knows something of what it means to feel God’s pleasure. (Or else God has chosen to give them a life patterned on the spiritual darkness of Mother Teresa of Calcutta…)

Bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I write posts about each of my choices. You’ll see a date next to each choice below when a post has been written about that person/media initiative.

All of the choices include at least a link to the home page or iTunes page for the selection.


Chronicles from the Front
The Duty of Delight
The Crescat…


Verbum Domini
Sunday Night Live with Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Storytelling for the 21st Century


Judd & Maggie – March 17, 2011
Daniel Schreck
Mike Mangione & The Union – April 3, 2011


Catholic Mass Times


The Angelus Student Film Festival
Word on Fire

Some Projects I Am (or Have Been) Involved In…

The Christopher Inn International
RCIA Hollywood
This Is My Body (film)

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