The Christopher Inn International

Here’s one last post before heading into the Lenten season…

Over the past decade, I’ve been involved in the development of a non-profit that hopes to serve the needs of Catholic bishops and priests.

The Christopher Inn International

The Christopher Inn, Inc., was incorporated as a 501(c)3 in the year 2000. At the time, the idea was to offer a local place (in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area) for priests to go for refreshment, ongoing personal formation, and fraternity. Over the course of several years of prayer and discussion, the idea developed into its current form: an international place, for both priests and bishops, which would be located in Ireland. Alongside the place, we plan to offer a website to extend the experience and resources of the Inn to priests when they are back in their place of ministry.

It’s been a long, interesting adventure for me that spanned the years I spent in Los Angeles. Ultimately, the sense of a call to be involved in this lay apostolate led me to return to Minnesota, where the rest of the CI Team lives. In the fall of 2009, we began to share the vision and mission with the public via a website, and are now on the threshold of fundraising to continue our development efforts and to acquire property.

Please take a moment to visit our website — — to learn more about The Christopher Inn International.

If you feel so inspired, spread the word via social media by liking our Facebook page, following our Twitter account, and/or sharing one of our YouTube videos:

And if you feel so moved, you can participate in this gift to priests and bishops by making a donation.

Most especially, please keep this endeavor in your prayers.

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