congratulations to Luke Matheny…

…who won an Oscar tonight for his short film God of Love.

God of Love was the grand prize winner at the Angelus Student Film Festival last fall. The Excellence in Filmmaking Award in honor of Fr. Patrick Peyton, CSC, includes a $10,000 check for the winning filmmaker.

Luke Matheny receiving the Fr. Patrick Peyton Excellence in Filmmaking Award from Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC, National Director of Family Theater Productions

The staff of the Angelus Awards was with Luke in late January when he received the news of his Oscar nomination, as they were together in Park City, Utah, to screen his film as part of the Windrider Forum during the Sundance Film Festival.

Angelus Student Film Festival Director Monika Moreno and 2011 Excellence in Filmmaking Winner Luke Matheny

Angelus Student Film Festival Director Monika Moreno and 2010 Excellence in Filmmaking Winner Luke Matheny in an interview in Park City, Utah

On Oscars night, Luke’s mom joined the staff of the Angelus Awards at the headquarters of Family Theater Productions on Sunset Boulevard to watch the awards ceremony.

I remember seeing Luke’s film Earano, which received an honorable mention at the 2007 Angelus Awards Festival. As a former staff member at Family Theater (and former first-round juror for the festival), I was fortunate to receive a Christmas gift in December which included a compilation DVD of the 2010 Angelus winners. God of Love is a funny, thoughtful, heartfelt little film, with excellent production values, memorable performances and a strong narrative… true to the Angelus mission to produce art that explores the complexity of human experience with compassion and respect.

You can watch the film on Amazon Prime Video.

Congratulations, Luke. I look forward to watching your artistry continue to unfold and develop in the years to come!

Other links:

  • Press release: God of Love Wins Oscar for Best Live Action Short
  • Salt Lake Tribune writes that Luke gives the best acceptance speech
  • E! Online awards Luke with the Best Star-Making Performance:
    Luke Matheny‘s vibrant, funny speech for Live Action Short Film was not only a jolt of energy for the show, but it made us want to watch whatever he does next. And really if you’re going to be charming, it’s probably not a bad idea to do it in a roomful of film executives.”

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