Randall Wallace at the National Prayer Breakfast

This year’s National Prayer Breakfast, held on February 3 in Washington, DC, featured screenwriter Randall Wallace (“Braveheart”, “We Were Soldiers”) as the keynote. He gave a very memorable speech… full of warmth, wisdom and humor. A teaser:

I’m not a philosopher. I’m not a preacher. I’m a storyteller. Like Jesus. As nearly as I can tell, that is my only similarity to Him. Actually there is one other: I too have cried out, ‘My God, why have you forsaken me.’

His speech was just as stirring as one of the speeches he put on the lips of his ancestor William Wallace.

The speech is available online in three versions  — video, audio, and text:

3 thoughts on “Randall Wallace at the National Prayer Breakfast

  1. Uplifting speech! But wow, I keep thinking how much he resembles Lee Majors (the Six Million Dollar Man, for the chronologically-challenged reader!) I half-expected him to shout “Jaime, let’s go fight the Fembots!” and go sha-na-na-na-ing as he leaps over the podium!

    (Yes, I am sleep deprived at the moment!)

  2. Prayer…a lost art from the folks that God gave the power and privilege to do so…

    Maybe Randall Wallace and 30mins listening will wake us all up to the power of prayer…

    Most powerful 30 mins of inspiration i have seen in yrs….it is my pleasure to share with you my friends…. thanks brig and lita : )

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