The New Yorker on Scientology

Today’s issue of The New Yorker includes an extensive article by Lawrence Wright about the Church of Scientology, focusing on the recent defection of one of the organization’s most prominent celebrities, movie director Paul Haggis.

Those who have become disaffected by the behavior of this cult are placing high hopes on this exposé, especially alongside news that the FBI has been investigating the organization over the past year.

I spent some time investigating the concerns of ex-members of Scientology when I was living in Los Angeles, especially in 2008 when the group Anonymous began holding protests outside the church’s headquarters. I attended one of the protests and did some amateur reporting / podcasting of the event.

My previous blog posts and podcast on Scientology are available here.

I imagine the current story is set to coincide with the birthday of Lisa McPherson (February 10), as those who have left the organization want to draw attention to her death as one illustration  of what is wrong with the conduct of this quasi-religion.

Please keep all of those affected by this cult in your prayers. In particular, if you wish to join me in praying for Tom Cruise, consider joining the Facebook group I set up a few years back for this purpose.

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