spe salvi

Trying to decide what to do with my blog in 2011.  Probably more pruning, sifting.  Still would like to write for the blog, maybe once or twice a month, but more sustained posts, that develop maybe one or two themes.

One of the themes I’m considering is hope. In particular, hope as a theological virtue. Maybe unpacking, a bit at a time, Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical on hope.

During the Advent and Christmas season of 2008, I hosted three evenings of discussion of Pope Benedict XVI’s recent encyclical Spe Salvi (“Saved in Hope”). All three discussions are edited (roughly!) and available as audio podcasts, which you can download directly here:

  • Spe Salvi, paragraphs 1-12: Introduction; Faith is Hope; The concept of faith-based hope in the New Testament and the early Church; Eternal life – what is it?
  • Spe Salvi, paragraphs 13-31: Is Christian hope individualistic?; The transformation of Christian faith-hope in the modern age; The true shape of Christian hope
  • Spe Salvi, paragraphs 32-50: “Settings” for learning and practising hope: Prayer as a school of hope; Action and suffering as settings for learning hope; Judgment as a setting for learning and practicing hope; Mary, Star of Hope

Alternatively, you can download the series of audio podcasts in iTunes here.

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