the Boomers and the redemption of culture

Barbara Nicolosi has written an essay entitled “Save the Boomers, Save the World: Redeeming Culture” as part of a collection of essays on the future of the Church… her focus is on art as it relates to this future.  You can read it here.

Here’s a short excerpt in which she highlights the challenge facing the Church in reaching out to artists born after 1975:

The Church must use all media to reach these new cultural power brokers, and to penetrate the commanding subconscious voices of their parents; she must teach them that the breakdown of the Boomers will require patience, heroism, and long-suffering.

Lots O Huggin' - icon of the Baby Boomers

As I read this, I immediately thought of  Toy Story 3. In the film, Pixar seems to have cast Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear as a cynical Boomer. Rather than simply letting the character be destroyed in the garbage dump—which would have been cathartic, given Lots-O’s betrayal of the rest of the group—Woody comes to his rescue. A wise story choice… patience, heroism, long-suffering.

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