baptism: restoring what was LOST

Still working on a post about the series LOST. In the meantime, re-posting something I wrote a couple of years ago about baptism in the season 3 finale…

* * *

Sometimes the spiritual themes of movies and television shows come through in a particularly evocative way. I noticed this in the concluding episodes of the third season of the television show LOST.

*** SPOILER WARNING for those who haven’t seen season 3 ***

I created a short multimedia presentation to examine the theme of baptism on this television show. Click here to watch the presentation (note: requires Flash Player).

One thought on “baptism: restoring what was LOST

  1. In my excitement at seeing in Lost a very direct representation of Christian redemption and Christ-like sacrifice in Charlie’s whole story arc, the whole set of baptismal images you point out in your presentation completely escaped me. Thank you for that!By the way, very well done multimedia piece! I’ve forwarded it to a few friends who are also Christians and Lost fans.

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