Serving God’s Kids

I received a message this week from Dave Sloan, who’s been active in organizing mission trips to orphanages in Mexico over the past several years. In order to make the work of Serving God’s Kids more widely known, and in the hope some might be interested in donating to the effort—either financially, or by serving on a trip—here are the details.

Dave writes:

I’m going back to the orphanage next week and I would like to ask your prayers, your company on a future trip (see dates below), and, if possible, your financial support for this upcoming trip. You can give at the site (it just takes 2 minutes) and help me reach my personal fundraising requirement.

Upcoming trips:
Sept 4-8 (Labor Day)
Nov 24-28 (Thanksgiving)
Dec 27-Jan 2 (Still Christmas 🙂

Our missions are:
1) Close — 40 miles South of the Arizona border
2) Short (4 nights) and planned around holidays
3) Inexpensive
4) Closely connected to the orphans — we work, pray and play together
5) Planned around JPII’s and Mother Teresa’s teachings
6) Highly repeatable – life transformations tend to come from multiple trips

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