debunking myths about John Paul I

Lori Pieper is your resource for clearing up various rumors about John Paul I.

She wrote an e-mail to me earlier this month:

Recently, I’ve had a great many more people questioning me about [the] ridiculous [Lucien] Gregoire book on Pope John Paul I, and wondering whether it’s true…. Just recently, his book made its way onto the Wikipedia entry on the Moral theology of John Paul I and was treated as fact. (I took care of that by re-editing the entry myself, and it’s still there).

I’ve made a new entry on my blog about Gregoire, and if I have time will put up more. I hope to have as many people as possible link to it, so it can climb in the Yahoo/Google listings (I understand that this is the theory anyway). I want to have people find my work before they start believing this book. This is part of my work on John Paul I for the 31st anniversary of his election.

Read more here.

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