using credible arguments when discussing gay marriage

The Lazy Disciple has an interesting insight about what gay marriage advocacy actually says about how we view the state’s relationship to the family. Read it here.

A short snip:

…Gay marriage proponents have appropriated the vocabulary of a psychically and politically healthy citizenry, while Catholics and others of good will who oppose “gay marriage” often do so on the basis of spurious claims, e.g. that legislators have a “duty” to represent “the values” of their constituents; or that the “gay lobby” is out to “destroy the family.” This sounds more like the ranting of a “second shooter on the grassy knoll” conspiracy junkie than a seriously engaged citizen ready to offer frank opinions and presume the good will of his fellows.

The short of it is that people on the right side of an issue are not guaranteed – and indeed often do not employ – better arguments than their interlocutors on the other side of the issue. Very often, all too often, indeed, the people on the right side of an issue are the wrong sort of people – the sort of people who frown at hot fudge sundaes and gripe about the noise the neighbors’ children make while playing in the yard on Saturday afternoon. Too often people think that being right gives them a right to be nasty, or a claim to moral superiority.

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