how storytelling is true, good and beautiful

This week, I posted the ninth talk from last October’s Act One Story Symposium:

“How Storytelling is True, Good and Beautiful” by Dr. Peter Kreeft

Here’s a short excerpt:

We have strong defenses against goodness in our free choice. We have weak defenses against truth in rationalization — or we can just ignore it, or live in denial, but that takes effort, and eventually all those walls we put up will come down. But we have no defenses at all against beauty. The will is strong and free. The mind is fairly strong and fairly free. But the heart is as weak as butter and doomed to fall in love with whatever it sees smiling at it. The movies you make are the smiles with which you hail passers-by, with the hope that they will sing “Pretty Woman” to you.

You can listen to the entire presentation in any number of ways by visiting the Act One Story Symposium site here.

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