the sacrament of marriage

This week I’ve posted the audio recording from our class on human sexuality and the sacrament of marriage, which was led by guest speaker Patrick Coffin, now the host of the radio show Catholic Answers Live. The class was held a year ago this week.

A short excerpt:

The will to contracept is very similar to the will to abort, because they are fruits from the same roots. They both desire the indulgence in sex without desiring the natural result of sex, which is the new human person. And a lot of the Catholic dissenters from Humanae Vitae… admit that you cannot argue against any other sexual perversion as long as you deny that each act of intercourse ought to be open to new life.

How can a couple who are married and are using the pill argue against gay marriage? Or against any kind of homosexual acts? They really can’t, because the logic has a way of catching up with them. They have already, in a sense — biologically at least — gay-ified their own union by making every act sterile and therefore their rationality in condemning other sterile acts is, I would say, compromised.

Click here for the links to the audio and the materials we read in preparation for the class.

UPDATE: As of March 2010, Patrick Coffin’s book about contraception and natural family planning is available for purchase.

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