tragic news from Amy Welborn

Her husband, Michael Dubruiel, collapsed and died today. May he rest in peace, and God grant strength and consolation to Amy and her children.

As the secular press turns its gaze to the Catholic blogosphere for commentary on the developing Legion of Christ scandal story, they’ll find a virtual community mourning one of its most esteemed members.

Many of us in the Catholic blogosphere are experiencing this as a death in the family. I’ve only had the opportunity to meet Amy twice, and Michael once (in Atlanta, at the Catholic New Media Celebration last summer). But, like many Catholic bloggers, I feel close to them because their writing and their presence on the internet have been a great source of insight, perspective and spiritual nourishment.

In a recent post on his blog, titled The Priest That Saved My Life, Michael wrote:

Father Solanus [Casey] once said, “Life here in the exile seems so short and uncertain, that it seems like it ought to have another name.” The older I get, the comparison that our earthly pilgrimage is likened to an “exile” makes more sense to me.

Please join in prayer for the repose of Michael’s soul, and the consolation of Amy and her young family. Father Solanus Casey, intercede again for Michael. Intercede for Amy and her children. Intercede for all of us, pilgrims in exile.

UPDATE: Danielle Bean has set up a memorial fund. Donate here.

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