five years of blogging

Today marks the fifth anniversary of blogging for me. On November 9, 2003, I created a Blogger account, posted an essay by C.S. Lewis, created my first blog post, and then sent out the following email to my contact list:

From: Clayton Emmer
Sent: Mon 11/10/2003 5:24 AM
Subject: Clayton’s new soapbox

Hello, everyone. A new era is dawning for my website, The site is finally becoming interactive, a way for you to participate in the new evangelization by your insights, feedback and commentary.

I have added a “blog” to the site. For those of you unfamiliar with the world of blogging and blogspots, a “blog” is the condensed version of the phrase “web log.” A web log is a place where someone posts articles / commentary / opinion columns, often with references to source material, and then others can post their feedback in response to the original post.

Just be forewarned: for some personality types, blogging is addictive. Consult with your doctor before visiting the site.

My topic for the next three weeks will be the implementation of the new General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM). I especially invite the priests and theologians among you to keep me honest.

Yours in Christ,

Clayton Emmer

And so it began.

Five years later, what have I learned?

  • That blogging is a great way to ensure that one’s other life duties get neglected. (I think, for instance, of my underprolific screenwriting career, which was what brought me to Los Angeles just a month before… No screenplay to show for it, five years later.
  • That I’ve probably lost fewer friends via blogging than I would have by sending out e-mail blasts every time I had something I wanted to say. And I’ve gained more friends from the blogging community and commenters than I would have otherwise. I’ve met many fascinating people, and started some friendships across the country and the globe that never would have been possible otherwise.
  • That if I create more than three items in this bulleted list, this post will likely degenerate into a sanctimonious Life Lessons from Blogging: A Memoir, which would be even less interesting than the 1,000+ posts I’ve written in the last five years.

Will this blog continue? At least in the short term. Soon I’ll write a post about some upcoming changes in my life that may also affect how I’m using my time and energies on the web. Between now and Advent, I’m not going to be writing too many posts… mostly revisiting themes that have occupied my interest on this blog over the years, with the hope of reaching some kind of synthesis of the ideas that have been spilling out here and there in undisciplined fashion. And working on my novel.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting, and participating in this blog over the years.

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