from Paul Furey’s mom

This note was posted by Kay Furey, mother of Paul Furey, on the CaringBridge site on Wednesday:

Good morning, all of you who loved – and continue to love – our dear son, Paul.

Yesterday we said our earthly goodbys and left him at Sacred Heart cemetery here in Frazee where the bagpipes he ordered played and Kathy led us in Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling.

Tears are falling, hearts are crushed but not broken and we must go on to try and live the legacy Paul left for us to model in our lives.

I am honored and humbled to have been Paul’s mother. He was indeed my son, but also my spiritual mentor in so many ways, Challenging me to go beyond what I thought my goals were. His love for me sustained me and will continue to as I look forward to a complete reunion with him. It’s even exciting to be somewhat elderly and to be able to anticipate our reunion!!!

All of you who visited the Caring Bridge have touched our lives and hearts. Please keep in touch and know you are part of our family because of Paul.

Paul’s funeral was a joyful experience in spite of our aching hearts. Five priests concelebrated the mass and our bishop distributed holy communion, gave the blessing of the lovely simple pine casket and ended the service with a touching tribute to Paul. Bishop Hoeppner had called Paul during his last days at Mayo and Paul told him he was offering his suffering for the upbuilding of our Church.

Jake, Paul’s dear golden retriever was brought to the funeral and graveside and is here with us at our home. He is a gentle, loving dog and Paul loved him dearly.

Thank you for your many prayers and support throughout this journey. Paul remains with us as we move on, but we are forever changed by his presence with us here.

Peace, Kay

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