asking for the intercession of John Paul II…

I have a update on Paul Furey and new prayer request. Paul is my friend from Minnesota and fellow Steubenville alum battling cancer.

Last night, Jenni Maas sent me this message:

Unfortunately, yesterday the doctor told Paul that they found lymphoma cells in the fluid from around his lung. This means that the cancer has recurred.

At this point Paul knows that there is no hope for survival, naturally speaking. He has asked us all to please pray once more to John Paul II for a cure — this way it will be a clear miracle if he is healed.

Please find your favorite prayer to JPII or use the novena shown below and join us in praying for Paul’s recovery. Paul has endured, and continues to endure, much pain and suffering throughout his illness and recent transplant — let us also pray that he be given every grace needed to persevere according to the Lord’s Holy Will.

Please forward this on to anyone who knows Paul… and all those who would pray for him.

Here’s a suggested novena prayer to use (source: The Anchoress blog):

Holy Father, John Paul II, Shepherd and Teacher, you are now in glory in heaven, in the company of angels and saints. As in life you were bowed by illness in life, you are now bowed before the Throne of the Most High, in humble thanksgiving and praise. We remember you on earth, in your many holy works, and in your holy suffering. We your flock recall your prayerfulness, your energy, your charity and your boundless faith in the mercy and love of our Creator and Lord — a love which you preached in season and out, in sickness and in health, with passion and with pain. We ask you now to hear our prayers for (name intention) and to deliver them to the Throne of the Lord, reminding Him of the words his friends said to him during his earthly sojourn, “Lord, the one you love is sick…”

We trust that your faithful prayers will be acceptable to our Merciful God, and therefore plead for your assistance, that in all things God may be glorified.

Our Father

Hail Mary

Glory Be

Novenas are prayed for 9 consecutive days…

For updates on Paul’s condition, visit Paul’s CaringBridge website:

The Church begins a special Jubilee Year to the Apostle Paul this Sunday. You might consider this season of grace as a time to pray especially for Paul Furey, whose evangelical zeal has been modeled on that of his namesake.

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