prayers for Paul

We are asking for prayers for our good friend and fellow Franciscan University of Steubenville alumnus (1988), Paul Furey, who has been diagnosed with cancer (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma). Paul recently received word that his experimental treatment program has not gone as well as initially hoped, and he may only have a few months to live.

After graduating from Steubenville, Paul served for years as the DRE and Adult Formation Director at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in New Ulm, Minnesota where he worked joyfully and tirelessly to help form many in the Catholic faith. Paul’s love for Christ and commitment to sharing the Gospel has not ceased with his difficult diagnosis and treatment. His patient suffering in prayerful and humble resignation to God’s will in all things have been a witness to us all of grace under very difficult circumstances.

If you are willing, please join us in prayerful support for Paul and his family. Feel free to join us in our Novena of Prayer to the Servant of God, John Henry Cardinal Newman, or simply remember him over the coming days and months. We are hoping for a miracle and entrusting him especially to Our Lord’s infinite mercy and the intercession of the Mother of God!

God bless!

Thanks to fellow Steubie alumnus Gordon Dozier for setting up the novena page. If you’d like to post your well-wishes and expressions of prayer, use the comments box below.

UPDATE (3/26/08):
I received this email from Jenni Maas today…

Hello Friends of Paul Furey,

Paul has asked me to send out another update.

He says thank you to all of the visitors to his gathering here a week ago, and to all of those who sent prayers and well-wishes but couldn’t make it.

A few days ago, Paul went in for his 2nd round (of 6) of chemotherapy to beat back the cancer so that his body could take another treatment of some kind (stem cell transplant or natural methods). Before the chemo treatment he received a PET scan that showed that the type of chemo they began using wasn’t working so they are starting over with another, stronger type.

Paul has been investigating natural means of fighting the cancer since the odds of the stem cell transplant’s success were so poor. However, he learned that he would need to be off of the chemo for two weeks before starting the special natural diet – his doctors have told him if he stops chemo, he has about two weeks to live – you can see his dilema.

Therefore, Paul is now focused on getting treated with a more effective chemo and waiting to decide what to do based on how he does. Maybe if his body gets stronger and the cancer is beat back further with the chemo, he may be able to go longer than two weeks without it and then start the natural diet. . . He is also still considering the donor stem cell transplant.

Paul’s doctor has told him that he is amazed that Paul is still alive after all of the Chemo he has already been through – he says it is unexplainable . . . So the prayers ARE working, of course. And as usual in a mysterious way.

Paul asks all of us to please continue to pray for him, especially as he faces so many serious decisions.

3 thoughts on “prayers for Paul

  1. Paul,My family and I have remembered you weekly in our prayers since we first heard of your diagnosis. We will continue to lift you and your family up to the Lord and His great mercy!In ICXC,Gordo

  2. This is Paul’s sister, Bernadette.Paul passed away on July 3, and his funeral was today July 8. Thanks for your prayers. His last food was the Eucharist. God Bless,Bernadette Furey

  3. Dear Pavel,are you getting these messages? Well, in the event that you are, (and it is a wonderful thing that Gordon has done here) know that we are all with you in a most heart-felt way. Our prayers as a family as well as individually are constantly going up to the Father for you. Be strong, hold on to hope. Many of your friends along with us Lashlings are right with you. Love from all of us.Scott, Joelle, Smo, Hen, ‘Lij, Gabriele, Mim, Jonny, Mary, Rafael

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