till we have facebook…

I never became a member of MySpace… there was something kind of tacky about it… and cluttered… and my primary interest was in having a blog, so Blogger seemed sufficient to me.

But then people began mentioning Facebook. “It’s not another MySpace,” people said. So back in September, I decided to investigate, and created an account.

Whatever else it may be, Facebook is a revolutionary concept… and may very well overshadow both Google and Wikipedia as resources for research. (By the way, Wikipedia is having its 7th anniversary today). Google puts you in contact with data, and Wikipedia puts you in contact with a community-based data resource, but Facebook puts you directly in contact with those you know so that you can leverage their knowledge… It’s a far richer resource, and one in which you find data you trust because of the relationship you have to those with whom you share information.

Facebook leverages human relationships to create an engaging, interactive world. It’s like a yearbook on steroids, connecting you with people with whom you may have long lost contact. It also provides a forum for forging new relationships based on your present connections.

I’ll blog about Facebook more another time, but here’s a fascinating video clip from 60 Minutes about the founder of Facebook:

The Face Behind Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is said to be worth $3 billion for founding the social networking Web site Facebook. Lesley Stahl talks to the man whose $15 billion company could be the next Google.

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