Bringing the Light of the East to the Heart of the Home

Friend and fellow Franciscan U alum Gordon Dozier recently sent me information about some liturgical curriculum for families that he has put together. He writes:

One of the ideals that has been very near and dear to my heart over the years is the idea of family-based liturgical catechesis using the icons and the prayers of the Church. Just recently, I worked with publisher Jack Figel of Eastern Christian Publications (the company that does our bulletins, also prints Eastern Churches Journal along with a number of other books as well as the Orientale Lumen Conferences and the Society of St. John Chrysostom) to form a new imprint for ECP called “Domestic Church Resources”. Our slogan is “Bringing the Light of the East to the Heart of the Home”, and we are actively working to create media resources for families (homeschoolers, parish families, Catholics and Orthodox) to grow as disciples of Christ.

The first book published under the DCR imprint is a book I wrote for families called “The Twelve Great Feasts of the Messiah and the Mother of God: A Handbook for the Domestic Church”. The text uses full-color icons, theological commentary, the prayers of the Church, as well as multi-generational activities for families to celebrate the feasts in their homes. In 2008, we will also be publishing two additional volumes in this series for families: Volume 2: The Great Fast, Pascha and the Minor Feasts and Volume 3: The Liturgical Year.

This book, along with DCR, represents a effort to help bring the New Evangelization to the family, by equipping parents to catechize their children and by strengthening their identity as Christians using our liturgical traditions, especially iconography. Please keep this new apostolate in your prayers!

Visit the DCR website here

Also, you can listen to radio programs Gordon did with Fr. Thomas Loya to launch both DCR and the new book on the Twelve Great Feasts here. (broadcasts 154 and 155)

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