the battle against mediocrity and fear

So I have been reviewing some of my early posts and found this in the comments box. It forms the backdrop of this blog, and I try to return from my rants and diverse musings to this central theme inspired by C.S. Lewis’ essay (The Weight of Glory):

It seems to me that the Christian life is a battle against mediocrity… something in us wants to choose the path of least resistance. For some of us, the more noble calling — love — evokes fear; what might be involved if I took the risk to love? Unselfishness is playing it safe. I don’t have to invest myself in another… I just need to stay out of their way.

But Lewis’ point is that Unselfishness doesn’t get to the bottom of what our heart really longs for. We long to give ourselves to another, and to be received as a gift by another. Unselfishness won’t quench this deep longing. Only love will do this, where this sort of giving and receiving happens in a total way… it can happen in this life, to some degree… with our neighbor and even with God himself. Consult the saints on the details. I’m a bit unqualified on the level of experience here.

So the question for someone who wants to bring people into life with God, or encourage them along the way, is: how can I first taste the goodness of this “more excellent way” as St. Paul puts it in 1 Cor 13. And if I truly believe and realize that others have this lofty calling as well, how will I treat them so as to help them discover how much they are loved (and then, how much love invites them to).

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