Angelus Awards recap

The tenth anniversary of this student film festival was a great event. Because I was a volunteer, I didn’t get to see all of the prizewinning films, but the ones I did view were characteristically strong: The Double and Jeffrey’s Calypso. I was also able to attend the Finalists’ Luncheon a month ago, and to hear the filmmakers talk about their projects. These are artists with an ethical lens that is as strong as their artistic skill and sensibility. It’s a great sign of hope for the future of filmmaking. And Angelus is such a great event to encourage and mentor these promising young filmmakers… it is truly a festival that delivers far more than it promises, by putting young artists in touch with established figures in Hollywood who support the mission to make films that explore the complexity of the human condition with creativity, compassion, and respect.

And now I will demonstrate that, slowly, I am acquiring every vice that Los Angeles has to offer: I’m going to engage in some name-dropping. As a volunteer, I was asked to serve in the VIP area during the afternoon wine and cheese reception, and so I was serving drinks to the likes of Gary Oldman, Matt Galant, Matthew Marsden and his lovely wife, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shea.

Ok, now where is that confessional?

3 thoughts on “Angelus Awards recap

  1. You’re hurt? Then I’ve got a new resident in my House of Wounded Feelings.I saw that you and Barb were talking at the VIP reception, and I didn’t want to interrupt. I get to see her every Monday night for RCIA at Family Theater. (more name dropping)Glad you had a good time. I think it was the best year so far… best attendance, at least.

  2. Clayton:Sniff. You didn’t drop *my* name even though we did say Hi as you brushed past me in the foyer. I’m hurt.Thanks for the tip on that event. I had a blast, and met up with many old Act One friends.

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