RCIA in Hollywood

Since I moved to Hollywood to be a screenwriter and missionary nearly two years ago, many of my friends from back in Minnesota have asked: “So how’s the screenwriting going?” Actually, there haven’t been too many developments in that arena. But I guess the mission work has taken a different direction. This past year, Fr. Willy Raymond, national director of Family Theater Productions, invited me to be a catechist in an RCIA program designed for Catholics (or those interested in becoming Catholic) who also work/aspire to work in the entertainment industry. The program, initially developed by screenwriter and mentor Barbara Nicolosi, has an ambitious curriculum that includes not only reading from the Catechism and documents of Vatican II, but also studying great literature from authors such as Evelyn Waugh, C.S. Lewis, Dostoevsky, and Flannery O’Connor, and viewing a number of films, such as Babette’s Feast.

This year’s program – which included several aspiring young actors, a screenwriter, and a producer – concluded on Pentecost Sunday with the confirmation of three young men at St. Monica’s parish in Santa Monica. Please pray for them, especially for the young actors who aspire to a career in the industry. It’s a very competitive industry, and one in which it is easy to be de-evangelized. I think actors face a special challenge, because the industry often treats them simply as vehicles for making a profit. The message of the dignity of the human person definitely needs to be heard in Hollywood.

Congratulations to Shea, Dario and Jonathan on their confirmation! May God, who has begun the good work in each of them, bring it to completion.

Here’s a few photos from Pentecost Sunday.

Dario and his sponsor

Jonathan and his sponsor

Shea and his sponsor
(lead catechist Tony Sands)

Fr. Willy and I with the newly confirmed, chrism still fresh on their foreheads

One thought on “RCIA in Hollywood

  1. You know what Clayton? Hang in there — you’re where God is calling you (and Hollywood NEEDS missionaries). Over fifteen years ago I was a graphic designer at a well known advertising agency, seven months pregnant with my first baby, and I suddenly laid off. I had already been looking around for a day care (it was the thing to do!) and my husband saw I was pretty miserable about it and prompted me to start a business on my own. I was scared to death. I proceeded to tell potential clients that they were going to hear, see and smell babies, (this truncated a lot of useless meetings, which I hate anyway) but their projects were going to look dynamite, be in budget and on deadline. I was told it couldn’t be done, I was driving back the women’s movement and socially retarding my baby. I made the additional commitment to only accept work that elevated human dignity. Over fifteen years and three children later I am a busy, happy wife and mother (being an obedient wife DOES work!). By the way, these children have many friends who come over all the time. It’s particularly useful to be home when children are sick… or when people unexpectedly fly planes into buildings. Remain faithful, and know others are praying for you.

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