Theology of the Body in Hollywood

I’ve been sober (translation: away from my blog) for nearly a week now, but am preparing to indulge myself again.

Life has been a bit too busy for blogging this week. In addition to several work deadlines in my life as a web developer, I’ve been preparing for a new endeavor. Beginning on January 15, and running through the end of May, I will be presenting a weekly seminar on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body at Family Theater in Hollywood. We’ll be using a couple of texts from Christopher West, which I will supplement with passages from Sacred Scripture, the Second Vatican Council, the Catechism, and the encyclical letters of John Paul II. I have put together a tentative syllabus for the course, and would be interested in feedback from those of you who are familar with TOB, or Hollywood, or (even better) both!

I’m very excited about this, because I think that a renewed appreciation of the human person – and, in particular, the human body – is something the entertainment industry needs. It’s something that even many Christians don’t seem to understand in any kind of integrated way.

So if you would, please pray for those of us who will be gathering at Family Theater, as we strive to come to a deeper vision of the universal human vocation to give God glory by being fully alive (to borrow an idea from Saint Irenaeus).

The seminars will be held at Family Theater headquarters on Sunset Boulevard, right in the heart of it all. So on one side of the street is a club advertising nude dancing. On the other side, people will be gathering to study “the Gospel of the body.” Life is full of interesting contrasts…

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